Concerto at Sea
4min 30sec2013Nods to: Polar Bears and their melting habitat, Busby Berkeley, possessive Bag ladies with eyes on the prize, Sesame Street, and the Pizzicato Five for use of their song.

2 min 33 sec2010In memory of Christa McCauliffe and the Crew of STS-51 and The Crew of STS-107, Commemorating the 135 missions of NASA's Space Shuttle Program between 1981-2011

To Get ro the Other Side
Live Action Riddle Solving3 min 48 sec 2010

Lesser Evils
Highlights from Full Contact Riddle Matches 2011

The Noodle Family Traveling Circus
Selections from the Premiere Performance at Coachella 2013 in Indio California

Annie vs Grease Soundtrack War
Performed by 30 volunteers with no rehearsal
Deitch Art Parade 2006
12 min 28 seconds

6 min 17sec

Santa and the City of Now
1 min 30 seconds

Kate Bush Wuthering Heights Dance Marathon I
Good times, poorly documented, stay tune for better footage of Kate Bush Wuthering Heights Dance Marathon 2, currently in the editing process

St Ives (5 min clip)
St. Ives

When I was going to St Ives I met a man with 7 wives, 7 wives had seven sacks, 7 sacks hat 7 cats, 7 cats had 7 kits. Kits, Cats, Sacks, Wives, How many were going to St. Ives.

Excess of Everything is flattened into 1 screen.

10 min 31 sec

3min 15sec
Counters investigates the subjectivity of value and exchange through a hypnotic 30-step sequence of seduction, production, commodification, transportation, and subversion. The course of the video leads the viewer through a tour over 4 counter top tableaus of trade, set to the reverie of the 5 count soundtrack. In each exhibition scenario, viewers are given the opportunity to count themselves as the 5th counter through a specific action provided by the installation.

Dumpster Race
Dumpster Race
5 min 38 sec clip
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