WHAT EVER IT TAKES is an interactive, activity-based experiment exploring the Psychology of Choice by inviting volunteers of all ages to construct costume interpretations of quintessential American pop-cultural icons using a supplied "kit" of specific colors, readily available household materials, tools, and supplies. Wrapped with a product-like label, and displayed like merchandise these otherwise pre-used materials are given a new identity enticingly packaged as singular units, building blocks, or variables that compose the formula for creating each individual handmade costume.

The video highlights the process of each participant as they make elemental choices towards fashioning themselves into renditions of characters of their own choosing. The recipe of components used to carry out each vision is carefully itemized by color and object as it is assembled on the body as a collage of visual signifiers evoking the essence of each character as it exists in the cultural ether. Each costume creation celebrates a twist of inspired improvisation and gestural expression rather than a desired replication of familiar kitsch.

The Video will be uploaded shortly. Please check back.

What Ever It Takes